What’s crucial is that I developed the typeface alone, in peace and quiet – no drafting assistants, no-one was there. My personality is stamped upon it. I'm proud that I was able to create Avenir.”– Adrian Frutiger

The International Society of Typographic Design releases new briefs every year for students to respond. "A Life's Work" is a brief that celebrates the late Adrian Frutiger and his great contribution to typography and design. Past, Present, Avenir is a publication that recognises the quality and method of Frutiger's typefaces. By recognising type history and comparing the typeface Frutiger was most proud, Avenir, to typographic trends, I hope to emphasise the timeless nature of his work. Design trends may come and pass but Frutiger's large body of work will continue to remain relevant, and appear contemporary for many years to come.